NSi Resources Feed

Product resources for Notable Solutions Inc.

Quick Reference Guide - NSi Mobile

Quick Reference Guide for NSi Mobile

NSi AutoStore 6 Installation and Getting Started

Installation and getting started guide for NSi AutoStore 6

Professional Services Catalog

A full catalog of NSi Professional Services offerings

Installation Guide - QuickCapture Pro

Installation guide for NSi QuickCapture Pro.

NSi Support Services

Notable Solutions, Inc. (NSi) offers a variety of product assistance services from self-help and annual Maintenance contracts to fee-for-service engagements. This document describes these NSi product support services and who is eligible to retain such services.

NSi AutoStore 6 Administrator Guide

An administrator's guide to NSi AutoStore 6

NSi Product Compatibility Matrix

Product compatibility matrix for NSi AutoStore and Ibm products

FAQ - NSi Mobile

FAQ for NSi Mobile

NSi AutoStore Upgrade Best Practices

Best practices guide for upgrading NSi AutoStore

NSi AutoStore 6 Quick Reference Guide

A quick reference guide to what's new in NSi AutoStore 6

Installation Guide - NSi Mobile

Installation guide for NSi Mobile.

NSi AutoStore FAQ

General Frequently Asked Questions about NSi AutoStore

Admin Guide - NSi Mobile

Admin Guide for NSi Mobile

Read Me - NSi QuickCapture pro

Read me file for QuickCapture Pro

Risk Assessment

A risk assessment document to "check" to see what your needs are in integrating our products or solutions into a businesses practice.

Solution Profile - Secure Point of Care

Secure Point of Care Solution Profile

Solution Profile - A Secure Exchange of PHI Solution Profile

A secure exchange of Personal Health Information solution profile

Solution Profile - Secure Patient Admissions

Secure Patient Admissions Solution Profile

Notable Solutions Software Support And Maintenance Policy

This document describes the support and maintenance services Notable Solutions, Inc. (“Notable Solutions”) provides to Customers that have entered into a License Agreement (as defined within) for Maintained Software (as defined within) and (b) elected, pursuant to the License Agreement, an Order Form or other written document, to obtain support and maintenance for the Maintained Software.

FAQ - NSi Output Manager

FAQs for NSi Output Manager

Installation Guide - NSi Output Manager

Installation Guide for NSi Output Manager

NSi AutoStore for IBM Datacap Component Matrix

A matrix containing the components that are included in the AutoStore for IBM Datacap installation